RE: Looking for real DEC chipset for Tulip driver

From: Tim Fletcher (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 17:04:38 EST

> One thing I found quite interesting is that instead of being labeled
> "digital" they now have the Intel "i" on them... I guess this went to Intel
> when Compaq bought Digital? I have no idea, but am eager to learn more
> about it - I hope Intel doesn't do away with this chipset.

I think that Intel brought the network division of DEC as you say when
Compaq bought DEC. Another interesting fact about this is that Win98se
default drivers now id the card as an Intel-21143.

Could you post your experiance with the 4port card. I am trying to find
one second hand in the UK, more as a interest project that any real need
for one.

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