via-rhine v1.05: Oversized Ethernet frames when in promisc mode

From: Konrad Podloucky (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 07:43:37 EST

Hi folks,

I just set up a packet-filtering firewall with 2 DLINK DFE-530TX
NICs (Currently only one is used). I'm using the via-rhine driver v1.05
found on Donald Becker's site.
For normal operations the driver realy works fine, however when some
program (in my case "snort" the packet logger), puts the interface into
promiscuous mode, I get tons of "Oversized Ethernet frame spanned multiple
buffers" messages.
The status reported by this error message was only one of these:
0600, 8d00, 0d09, 0400 or 9500
I'm certainly no hardware expert, but after looking at the spec of the
vt86c100 the status bits should mean the following:
0600: STP (start of packet), CHN (chain buffer)
8d00: EDP (end of packet), CHN, PHY (received physical address), RXOK
(Received OK)
0d09: RERR (Receive error), FOV (FIFO overflow), EDP, CHN, PHY
0400: STP
9500: EDP, CHN, BAR (broadcast received), RXOK

The only status really indicating an error is 0d09 (if I'm not
mis-interpreting this), so I wonder why the driver complains about
the other ones, too.

If anyone could shed some light on this, I'd be very grateful, because I
need to get this baby in production-mode soon and I'd really like to use
the packet logger.

Please CC me directly, because I'm not on this list yet!


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