Re: Ethernet devices not named eth*

From: Dennis (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 09:55:13 EST

At 09:30 PM 6/7/00 -0700, Ben Greear wrote:
>Dennis wrote:
>> Is there any reason that ethernet devices not named eth* will not work? We
>> need to create pseudo ethernet devices for bridge group references and it
>> would be confusing if they were named eth* rather then bg*.
>> There seems to be some table that they go into...any caveats?
>> Dennis
>They can be called whatever you want, within reason, so long as they are
>no more than 15 characters long. They should probably NOT be called eth*,
>as that will be confusing, as you mention.
>There are some folks that already have bridging working too in the 2.3
>kernel I think....

We've had our own bridging code for years....the virtual bridge groups are
needed for cleanly tying bridged serial interfaces (such as Frame Relay
DLCIs, used for DSL bridging) into normal operations without having to hack
the arp or dev code in the kernel. The model works quite nicely in freebsd
and is working in linux also....I just wanted to be aware of any roadblocks
I might have hit up the road. The model allows unlimited bridge groups (on
a T3 DSL frame line you may have 900+ necessary, although it seems unlikely
you'd have that many ethernet ports in a system :-) ).....

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