Re: eepro100 troubles

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 14:44:21 EST

> FWIW, I have this problem on a 10Mbit/s HDX link between two eepro's. One
> is my client ('Drake 7.0) and one is my mail server ('Drake 6.1). I have

What kernel revisions are those. Certainly there are eepro100 problems
before 2.2.15. There is also a problem with certain eepro100 setups and
MII polarity switching according to what info we can get out of intel
(which on the eepro100 isnt that easy)

> to ssh over and "network restart" at least once every 50 or 60 messages.
> Perhaps it's not necessarily speed related? I'm still trying to get a
> good tcpdump or ethereal trace when it happens.

My current guess is its error or collision related. But its a guess no more

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