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From: Scott R. Every (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 18:52:47 EST

--On Friday, June 9, 2000 12:38 AM +0100 Alan Cox
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>> I'm not sure exactly what we are trying to test with here, but i have a
>> real world machine serving cgi's and graphics which has died 4 out of 5
>> days in a row with a variety of eepro100 drivers. All are as new or
>> newer than the one included in 2.2.14. Given that, I think there IS a
>> problem. Any idea on solutions?(other than freeBSD)
> Ok what errors do you see logged when it fails and what revision of the
> board do you have. Also what is it plugged into and does it have an errors
> logged when it fails

The errors are that the machine disappears from the network. The card
details from startup with debug set at 4:
eepro100.c:v1.09j-t 9/29/99 Donald Becker
eepro100.c: $Revision: $ 2000/05/31 Modified by Andrey V.
Savochkin <s> and others
Found Intel i82557 PCI Speedo at I/O 0xfca5e000, IRQ 21.
  PCI latency timer (CFLT) is 0x40.
eth0: Intel PCI EtherExpress Pro100 82557, 00:90:27:8D:36:FA, IRQ 21.
  Board assembly 000000-000, Physical connectors present: RJ45
  Primary interface chip i82555 PHY #1.
  General self-test: passed.
  Serial sub-system self-test: passed.
  Internal registers self-test: passed.
  ROM checksum self-test: passed (0x04f4518b).
  Receiver lock-up workaround activated.
eth0: speedo_open() irq 21.
eth0: Done speedo_open(), status 00000090.
eth0: Link status change.
eth0: Old partner 0, new 41e1, adv 5e1.

No errors were logged, but that was at debug 1. I have yet to have it
lockup today since I switched to debug 4.

>> I'd be more than willing to help test and or provide a machine or 2 to
>> test on.
> What sort of loads does the machine have - does it end up swapping heavily
> at times ?

Here is the beginning of top at the moment:
  7:46pm up 19:28, 2 users, load average: 0.36, 0.42, 0.48
88 processes: 86 sleeping, 2 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
CPU states: 13.6% user, 11.3% system, 12.6% nice, 62.3% idle
Mem: 2010080K av, 1018876K used, 991204K free, 72520K shrd, 675280K buff
Swap: 526328K av, 7840K used, 518488K free

as you see i have a ton of memory. the server is running as a secondary
web server fror a web site that gets around 500k or so hits per day. it is
also run 10 or so q2 and q3 servers today, but those are not the problem as
it crashes even when they are not running. load never stays above 2.0 for
long. mostly below 1.0

The system has 2 600Mhz PIII's and a Mylex RAID card which does no good
since the machine keeps needing reboots...I wonder if i ran a cron that
reset the network card when pings stop working if that would do the
trick...I'll try it and let everyone know. Obviously, that's not a great
long term solution.



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