Re: eepro100 troubles

From: Dennis (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 20:01:06 EST

At 03:02 PM 6/8/00 -0400, Edmond Shwayri wrote:
>> We have tests that hang linux drivers in less than 30 seconds for tulip and
>> eepro100. The freeBSD drivers in the exact same hardware survive the same
>> tests gracefully. When stuff comes in faster than it can go out linux fails
>> after a short while.
>Excellent. If you share these tests with the group, I am sure you will
>get a quick resolution to your problems. Consistent bugs are some of the
>easier ones to track down. Its the bugs that hit once every 5 or 6 hours
>that are much much harder to track down.

Alan doesnt like my test. I guess you'll just have to suffer until he
approves one. :-)

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