Anyone here ever dealt with ASL (

From: Bryan -TheBS- Smith (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 20:22:32 EST

Anyone here ever dealt with ASL (

[ First time poster so shoot me for cross-posting if you want.
;->>> ]

Formerly Advanced System Labs, now just ASL, Inc.
( I'm looking at buying a server soon.

I was blown away on their pre-sales staff's promptness in a reply
(just a matter of hours), the knowledge (not only new the
components I was talking about, but details on their availability
and support in the 2.2/2.4 kernels, mainboard memory-I/O issues,
etc...), and the pricing was very fair (awaiting a final quote).

I had previously (over the past 1-2 months) posted on various
lists, contacted other vendors (like VA) and had gotten little
feedback -- e.g., with the vendors, I felt like I knew more

But I found out ASL sold a system based on the Tyan S1867DLUAN
mainboard I cannot seem to find anywhere else. They also seem to
carry all the options I want (all of them).

Again, anyone ever dealt with them before???

Thanx in advance ...

-- Bryan "TheBS" Smith
   Lead Computer Geek, Theseus Logic

P.S. Anyone running NFS v3 on a production system? How about with
ReiserFS? With a pre-release 2.4.x kernel? Opinions??? This
thing is going to serve out 500GB over both SMB/NFS and need
maximum performance for large file writes (I know, wait for XFS,
but I need this by July) plus I don't feel like watching an FSCK for
8-10 hours. ;->>>

 Bryan "TheBS" Smith -- Engineer, IT Professional and Hacker
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