From: Bruce (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 07:15:52 EST

Hi there,
We are using a couple of modems to allow two dedicated linux systems to
talk to other over long distances (here in Australia!). With compression
and a few other tricks we are getting speeds up 120kto 150kb which is all
that is necessary for our purposes (We need constant minimum of 64kb but
ISDN is too expensive and unreliable here.) I am playing with mtu and mru's
at the moment and all the PPPD literature implies that 1500 is a typical
maximum. We are running with mtu and mru settings at 4000 without errors.
Can or should we go higher? Our information units between the machines are
typical about 100k in size.
We are using SuSE6.4/2.2.14+ on 800MHz Athlons.

All advice welcome!!


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