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Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 13:23:07 EST

   Hello friends

         I would like to know in the pppd (demand option) implementation,
whether the case of two routers connected by dial up line is taken care of
or not.

         This I am asking because with the demand option, the present pppd
code is creating two interfaces (PPP0,PPP1 - one by daemon pppd running
with the demand option and the other when the incoming call comes).

         But this seems to be a problem, because in the ospf operation,
which runs on a specified interface and when it learns routes through the
other interface(PPP1) and then when it goes away because of the other end
closes the connection all the routes learnt through that interface will go

         To support my argument I would give you the cisco's case, in
cisco the first interface that is created would be used both for
when dialling out and also when some incoming connection comes, that's why
there running ospfd has no problems.

         Please tell me whether this is a problem, if it is please tell me
how to modify the code to use the same interface both for when dialling
out and when the call comes. If it is not, please tell me why it is not.



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