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From: Jonathan Conrad (conrad23@gte.net)
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 15:30:30 EST

        I am not a member of the mailing list. Please, send a copy
        of your reply to me at conrad23@gte.net

        I am writing in the hopes that someone has already found a
        solution to the problem of stalled transactions via TCP/IP.
        I am using the Linux 2.2.12 kernel as the working version of the
        non-open-source modem driver from the manufacturer of my modem
        (or chips therein), Lucent Technologies, only works with that
        one of the few versions of the kernel that I have collected
        thus far. It should only be a matter of days before I am able
        to use the new version of the same driver with the 2.4.0-test11
        kernel, but it is highly likely that the problem will persist.

        The problem is that often while receiving a stream of data over
        a connected socket, the stream will stall, especially when a
        large amount of information is available to send at one time.
        For instance, email of only a few kilobytes in size will be
        delivered from my ISP's POP3 server without problem, but some
        messages larger than 10 kilobytes or so will cause fetchmail
        to time-out. If I telnet to a remote shell account and issue
        a command such as, "cat /proc/net/tcp," the listing never
        (in my short amount of patience) completes, though I am still
        able to issue the command "exit" after it stops, and the server
        will then acknowledge that by closing the connection.

        Any information would be helpful and more current than the
        hundreds of seemingly related documents on the WWW which my
        searches have turned up.

                                                Thank you.
                                                Jonathan Conrad

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