Problems with NFS server

From: Mariano Korman (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 16:01:40 EST

Hello, everyone!

First of all, I know that this may not be the right list to post this
message to. Just in case, let me apologise beforehand :) If there is
another, more adequate, list where to send this, please tell me.

My problem is that I have problems running nfsd. When I execute the Sys
V "nfs start" script, I get the following error:

"nfssvc: Function not implemented"

I think this has something to do with kernel compilation.

I use a RedHat 6.1 distro, and I've upgraded to 2.2.14 kernel, with
diffserv patch.

I have run "make menuconfig" and I have activated the "NFS server"
option as a module. I've made dep, bzImage, modules and modules_install,
and have run lilo.

I tried to manually load the nfsd.o module (using modprobe), and I get
the following error:

"/lib/modules/2.2.14/fs/nfsd.o: unresolved symbol do_nfsservctl"

Am I missing something?


Mariano Korman
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