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Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 02:44:32 EST

you can implement "virtual host" by the apache directive, or by IP Aliasing.
But if you really want to implement "Virtual domains" this means you have to
implement different views for the same set of
IP addresses. This is accomplished by some tricky routing to different DNS
But the best way to implement Virtual Domains is to upgrade to Bind 9.x. The
"view" new feature let you specify different views of the namespace
depending on the resolver address. For example you have the chance to
differentiate the view of your local nw from the inside and the outside.
To get more infos, see
- Alberto

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What are Virtual domains ?
I have a very vague idea on this. But I need to create one.
Can anybody help me on this.
And how to create them on a linux box with bind 8

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