Re: Equal Cost Multipath (more than one gateway)

From: Andi Kleen (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 14:03:06 EST

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On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 11:53:02AM -0700, Jake Anawalt wrote:
> I am about to add a second gateway routing entry to a RH7.0 box, that appears to have a 2.2.16 kernel with equal cost multi path and advanced routing options compiled into it. The box does not have rip, gated, or any other route checking program running on it. The two links to the internet go out through different ethernet cards, hubs, then gateway devices. The gateway devices as far as I am concerned are dumb devices that dont know if they are working or not.
> How will the 2.2 kernel's routing tables and the round robin affect of equal cost multi path handle the possibility of either the gateway device, or some other upstream link failing?

It won't, it needs an OSPF or similar daemon that downs/ups the interfaces
as needed.

In theory it could use the ARP neighbour reachability information for this,
but that isn't implemented. A real routing protocol is more general purpose
anyways, it is not limited to a single hop.

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