Re: virtual domains

From: Surinder - IEC (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 03:03:58 EST

vijay wrote:
> Should I have the virtual domain registered with the InterNIC.

You do need to register the url with InterNIC of some other url provider
if u want to put it on Internet. For Intranet its not required.

> What I mean is
> 1. the virtual domain is a sort of masking (no real domain exists)
It exists physically and that why DNS servers can locate it.
> 2. two different domains on the same IP address
....more than two also ;)
> Vijay

It is virtual in the sense that you r not dedicating an IP for this Url
only. if u say http://IP then only one website will be accessed for that

but u can have more than one for same Ip with virtual hosting

- Surinder

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