Error message with Bind9

From: Nicholas J Leon (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 13:41:54 EST

Recently I upgraded to BIND9 (like probably 1/2 the populartion, the other
went to 8.2.3). Anyway, everything seems to work fine except for a series of
error messages I receive every hour or so.

/usr/local/bind9/sbin/named[4570]: notify failed: not authoritative for
notify zone (REFUSED)

Now, I can guess that this would mean that some zone couldn't send out (or
receive) notify requests because named doesn't think I'm authoritative....

Well, I am. All my zones are correctly written and jive with the root
servers information (primary and secondary DNS servers). Since I have about
10 zones right now, I don't know how to determine which one is causing the
message (wouldn't it be nice to say so in the error message!).

Can anyone give me some insight into this? I did some testing by adding some
fake hosts to my zone and seeing if they propigated correctly to my
secondary server, they did. So I'm rather at a loss here.

Any help/suggestions/links or pointers? Thank you!

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