Re: Error message with Bind9

From: Nathan Lutchansky (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 15:43:12 EST

On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Nicholas J Leon wrote:

> Recently I upgraded to BIND9 (like probably 1/2 the populartion, the other
> went to 8.2.3). Anyway, everything seems to work fine except for a series of
> error messages I receive every hour or so.
> /usr/local/bind9/sbin/named[4570]: notify failed: not authoritative for
> notify zone (REFUSED)
> Now, I can guess that this would mean that some zone couldn't send out (or
> receive) notify requests because named doesn't think I'm authoritative....
> right?

I believe what this means is that another DNS server is sending you NOTIFY
messages for some zone (say, but your server doesn't believe that
the notifier (source address of the notify message) is authoritative for Probably what this means is that the administrator of the other
DNS server has configured it to be a master server for that you're
also a master for, or that you don't have configured as a
locally-stored zone at all. It may also mean that you're an authoritative
slave for, but you've listed a different IP address for the master
than the IP address trying to NOTIFY you.

I'm not sure how to diagnose this; maybe cranking up the debugging would
give you more information? -Nathan

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