Dear old BIND9

From: Bruce (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 03:38:22 EST

Hi there all,
A slight problem that someone may be able to explain to me...

I have (successfully) installed bind-9.1.0 on a SuSE platform
under kernel 2.2.14 and bind-8.2.3-REL on two others.

After tuning all zone files, and changing rcnamed, all works well...


in the /var/log/messages I get ONE and only one error -

set maximum open files to -1: permission denied

In the bind8 to bind9 migration notes, there is no reference to max_open_files
and in likewise no reference.

Please anyone - what is the "option" if any or is this a ./configure issue
that I have missed!!

Kind regards from a sweltering Melbourne,

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