RE: SMBMOUNT, Could not resolve mount point

From: Matthieu Giorgini (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 10:41:45 EST

Thanks for your prompt response also.
I've already do this command, and I receive the same error message :"coult not
resolve /data/test" (if I use the mount point /data/test).
It's exactly the same with MOUNT -t smbfs.

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 In fact you must use smbmount <mount point> <sharename>, I mean something
smbmount /mnt //MyNTserver/MyShare (or smbmount //MyNTServer/Myshare? I don't
know, I don't have a Linux here). Try smbmount --help
 To see a share list, try smbclient MyServer (or smbclient --help)


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