whether DMZ needs routable IP?

From: XingFei (xing.fei@fujixerox.co.jp)
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 04:21:53 EST

Hi, All

I am learning about DMZ, I found that some articles define it as a public
zone protected by a firewall, and in order to be accessable from Internet,
DMZ needs routable IP (reserved IP such as 192.x.x.x can not be used ),
while other articles say that a DMZ just like another internal private
network, it just includes all servers such as WWW, FTP, and so on, so it
just open for the private network.

So I am a little bit confusing about it.
Could any body give me some a piece of advice?

Thank you in advance.


Xing Fei

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