Need a cheep solution

From: William L. Jones (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 14:23:55 EST

I need to go from a gige interface with Jumbo frames to an ATM OC3 interface.
If I did this with a router it could cost abt 50-100K but I suspect
that I could do this with cheep 1GHz pc with a gige interface and a
ATMO C3 interface. For only a few K. Has any tryed this stunt before?
Does any think it has a chance of working, in this case working means
that it can sustain about 15Mbytes/sec without dropping packets do
to the mismatch in speed between a gige and ATM OC3. This only means
that linux may have to buffer about 300 4096K packets until the enough
packets are in the packet for one round trip time.

Bill Jones
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