Re: Routing & IPChains problem.

From: Jamie Harris (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 18:35:04 EST

On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Andrew B. Cramer wrote:

> Hardware -
> eth0 - 10meg on net i/f subnet
> eth1 - 100meg on net i/f subnet
> >From either network I can use ipchains and surf/telnet/ftp/... on
> each network to the ppp0 dialup connection. I cannot ping or
> anything from eth0 to eth1 or back.

When you say you are using a dialup are you sharing a dialup connection
using masquerading or do you have one on each network? I'm assuming its
one on each net, or does the gateway/router have the modem? In which case
you are forwarding between ethx -> ppp0 but not eth1 <-> eth0... yeah?

> TIA - if other files are needed, I can forward.

You including the output of 'ipchains -L' would be userful as that will
show us what routing you have setup.


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