Re: Some problems with changing source ip.

From: Sarada Seshadri (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 06:02:38 EST

> The problem in user space is i cannot get a new port
> as for every connection. If i get say 65000 requests
> and i have 10 real servers behind i cannot create more
> than 1024 sockets per application. Also my
> specification is that each real server will expect a
> unique 5 tuple src ip, src port, dst ip, dst port,
> protocol. So we have to tinker with the kernel code.
> Is there any way to get new ports from the application
> layer ?

Typically, if you are just gonna look up a table of <port, IP addr>
to distribute the load, your server should do well as an iterative server
itself. But if you find that performance is bad, you could spawn threads
to do the submission.


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