Re: SUPDUP, ChaosNet implementations?

From: Donald Becker (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 20:21:36 EST

On Sun, 29 Apr 2001, James A. Crippen wrote:

> I have a Lisp Machine...

Ahhh, Lisp Machines. I saw one only yesterday. The worlds most
sophisticated environment...

> that I can speak telnet to but would really rather do SUPDUP.
> However I've never heard of a SUPDUP (see RFC
> 736) implementation for Linux. Has anyone heard of such a beast?

There was an implementation for BSD 4.1 which would likely work with
only a little bit of updating. But why?
[[ Background: The SUPer DUPer login protocol was very much like telnet,
but included line editing. It has _long_ since been abandoned. ]]

> I'm also curious to know if anyone has heard of an implementation of
> ChaosNet for Linux. ChaosNet was a suite of protocols similar in
> functionality to IP/TCP developed at MIT back in the 1970s. ChaosNet was
> used quite a bit between PDP10s running ITS and Multics and Lisp Machines,
> as well as various other systems they had floating around which were
> capable of some sort of ethernet-like networking.

Chaosnet was combined hardware and software system, using a slotted
contention protocol over hardline coax.
Yes, there was a Chaosnet software implementation layer that ran over
Ethernet hardware, but much like DECnet, it used physical address and
was not scalable. I once worked on a Chaosnet device driver and
probably have some protocol source code on a 9 track tape somewhere, but
it's really unlikely to be usable.

> I'd love to be able to do SUPDUP over ChaosNet, particularly, but that's
> probably asking too much.
> Lambda Unlimited: Recursion 'R' Us>

Errrmmm, uhmmm, you might want to check your calibration settings -- you
are seem to be about two decades off.

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