Re: round trip times & RTP

From: A B (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 09:01:00 EST

--- Mariano Korman <> wrote:
> If I guessed correctly, your delays are longer when
> there is video traffic on the network, right?

Yes, but only the delays measured with the packet
video application. Delays reported by ping and
myping stay the same.
> Then maybe your video traffic is partially filling
> the transmit queues and your control packets are
> experimenting a queuing delay.

Is there a transmit queue for each running process, or
just a common transmit queue?

> However, this sounds strage. It should only hapen if
> your video source transmits at a rate higher than
> the output link's capacity and it generates burtsy
> traffic.

This is a 10BaseT with almost no load at all, and I'm
generating approx 200Kb/s of video.


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