Re: Any progress? 3com driver problems

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 21:02:12 EST

Marc Perkel wrote:
> Just wondering if you all made any progress on the driver problems? I just
> compiled 2.4.5 and no change.
> Still getting messages similar to this one.
> May 22 21:42:55 ctyme kernel: Flags; bus-master 1, dirty 285954(2) current
> 285954(2)

Your initial report didn't have the full logs. If
the text included the words "Interrupt posted but not delivered"
then it's the APIC bug and you'll need to boot with the
`noapic' LILO option.

Otherwise, please take a look at the diagnostic steps
described in the final section of Documentation/networking/vortex.txt
and then send a description based on that to

Please also check the rest of your network gear - it could be
as simple as a bad cable.

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