NFS client copies only empty files

From: Peter Daum (
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 11:56:15 EST


I am not sure, whether this is a kernel problem, but maybe
somebody here can help me:

In my network are 2 NFS servers; as far as I can tell, the
servers function the way they should, all other machines can
communicate with them with one exception:

One machine can't read files via NFS. When I try to copy files
from an NFS server, the directory structure is copied but the
resulting files are empty. I get an error messages saying "IO
error", the log files on either side don't mention any problem.
Copying files in the other direction works without any problems.

The machine is an old HP Netserver LH-Pro, the network connection
is via ATM (Forerunner LE) and LANE. As far as I can tell, there
are no general networking problems, everything else seems to work
fine. I am currently using kernel version 2.4.4 and NFS-utils
0.3.1. With an ancient 2.2.13-based system that was running on
that machine before - unfortunately, I can't go back to that
again, the problem didn't arise.

I tried several variations of the Kernel options (NFS-version
...) but without any difference.

Does anybody have any idea, what might be going on here? Any
suggestions would be appreciated!

                 Peter Daum

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