Why 'ping' only succeed in one direction?

From: shen jing (jshen@cad.zju.edu.cn)
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 09:53:16 EST


I'm using a linux box ( Rh7.1 ) as a router which connect two Solaris2.6

The three computer is interconnected by ethernet, each computer has
only on ethernet adapter.

The following is my network connection :

----------------------------------- ( Ethernet)
| || |||
| || |||
Sun-1 Linux Sun-2

Routing table :

   Sun-1: --->
                    default ----->

   Linux : default--->
              ( I add no explicit routing table about the twodirect
               connected network )

  Sun-2 : default -->

While I exec "ping "on Sun-1, it succeed, with 0% packet

But when I exec "ping" on Sun-2, the ping always hang
with no output, when I interrupt it with "Ctl-C', it shows "100% packet

I do tcpdump on linux and snoop on Sun to find out what happened, but
all detailed record shows "ICMP echo requect/reply " has been delivered
between Sun-1<-->linux, Linux<-->Sun-2

And I can telnet/ftp between Sun-1 & Sun-2.

Is there someone will do me a favor to explain why this happens ? Is
there any configuration error with my linux box ?

Thanks in advance and each word will be highly appreciated.

James Shen

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