unresolved symbol: tcp_statistics

From: Mehta, Phoram Kirtikumar (UMKC-Student) (pkm722@umkc.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 01:39:39 EST

I am sending this mail again with some more information abt my tries!

i m trying to write a module to create a proc entry to show tcp

i have included linux/module.h, linux/proc_fs.h and net/tcp.h in the
module. my kernel is 2.2.16.

tcp.h has declared the structure tcp_statistics defined in net/snmp.h.
it is of return type tcp_mib.

tcp_statistics is defined as an EXPORT_SYMBOL(tcp_statistics) in

i dunno what am i missing as the above layout works perfectly fine if i
replace tcp with ip but does not work if i use net_statistics.

any type of help will be appreciated.

phoram mehta
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