Possible bug.

From: Neil Whelchel (koyama@firstlight.net)
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 19:43:57 EST

I have been getting 'Operation not permitted' errors when I try to send
packets to any of the four network cards on my box after about 20 hours of
uptime. From a warm or cold boot, everything works fine, then after about
20 hours, it errors out on maybe 1% of the packets then within another
hour it works its way up to 90% or more. I have had this problem with both
the 2.4.17 and the 2.4.16 kernels. I have not had this problem at all with
the previos kernel 2.2.16.
I have the box setup to do NAT on two of the cards with iptables.

-Neil Whelchel-
First Light Internet Services
818 989-7878
- We don't do Window$, that's what the janitor is for -

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