Multihoming / Load Balancing

From: Paul Raj Khangure (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 21:39:44 EST

Is it possible (via a combination of iproute2 and iptables) to configure
a linux firewall / NAT box to "multihome" via two ppp links to different

Basically, any inbound connections (to an SMTP or Web server) on a given
ppp link need to be translated through to the internal server, then the
replies need to go via the correct ppp link. (The incoming load
balancing will be done via DNS, two MX records, two A records for www,

Any outbound connections (eg the client web browsing or sending mail)
need to alternate between ppp links (roughly) but with the entire
connection going via a given ppp link - not some packets through one,
the other packets through another.

If this is possible, does anyone have any sample configurations?

If not, what's the closest that can be done?


Paul Raj Khangure


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