xircom_tulip_cb - problems getting full duplex mode

From: Cristiano Bolognese (cristiano.bolognese@oracle.com)
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 08:07:06 EST

Hi Folks,
I am getting some problems using a Xircom CardBus Real Port Ethernet
10/100 (RBEM56G-100) against kernel 2.4.18-pre4.
I am experiencing those using xircom_cb and xircom_tulip_cb, as module
or kernel included, in a 10/100 mbit lan environment.

see below for the complete list:

a) after my laptop boots up, xircom_tulip_cb gets "eth0: negotiated
100baseTx-HD, link ok". I get the lan connection through a cisco switch,
which has ports set up in autosense.
Trying to load xircom_tulip_cb using "full_duplex=1" I get "eth0: 100
Mbit, full duplex, link ok", but it is an incorrect message, it always
works in half-duplex mode. Just typing mii-tool -R I got the right
negotiation for my environment, full-duplex, like as all the Windoze
laptop which are equipped with the same pcmcia card.

b) Solution provided in section "a" is not applicable to xircom_cb
driver. mii-tool does not work, giving an output error.
Moreover I knew that xircom_cb always starts using hd mode.


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