Re: hires timestamps for netif_rx()

Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 12:42:58 EST


> Unfortunately gettimeofday at least on i386 has a readlock. It would
> add a new cache line bouncing bottleneck for every packet.

Wow! Andi, what cache line? Do you know where to find an SMP 386 or 486? :-)
It is not easy to find even UP one. :-)

get_fast_time() is _identically_ do_getimeofday().

I think Dave is right, get_fast_time() must die.

Actually, it should not be ever born. At least, my poor
used to have these bogus function replaced with true stamp anyway.
Couple of IO ops did not affect performance comparing to lots of IO
to ne2000 and right stamp is really critical to get something sensible
from tcpdump.

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