RE: NAT on multihomed host

From: Martin Ferrari - Decidir IT (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 10:33:00 EST

> > That is what I was suspecting... But why is it this way?
> NAT isn't done in
> > PRE-routing??
> >
> de-DNAT is a kind of SNAT (with automatically constructed
> rules). As such it's
> located in POST-routing (where all SNAT is done). I would
> find it better, to
> construct the automatic rules in (an) extra chain(s), which
> can be called at
> convenient places (and if not where it's now) by user rules.
> If you could patch
> the kernel accordingly it would be the best solution. Another
> solution would
> be to rely on the "mark connection" feature.

Sadly, I'm no kernel hacker and will have to use actual code.. :(

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