From: Joerg Eggink (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 11:22:31 EST

Hello all

I have a problem with the dev_ioctl function. I will use it to read the data
from a wireless device (e.g. name and frequency).
My problem is that sometimes everythink is ok and I get the right data and
somtimes I get an error.
For example: If i receive a Router Solicitation i can read the device
settings and if I receive a Router Advertisement I get an error and the
device seems to be not there.

Is this a Problem with the rtnl_lock function ?
Has anybody an idea why i can solve this problem ?

Thank you in advance


Joerg Eggink
Network Laboratories Heidelberg NEC Europe Ltd.
Adenauerplatz 6
D-69115 Heidelberg, Germany

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