About several-net-interface hosts

From: Jose Manuel Santos Manzanero EEM/TM/VT TU-1 Tlf.1766 (Jose-Manuel.Santos-Manzanero@ece.ericsson.se)
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 08:13:19 EST

Hi, all

I have a linux red hat 7.1 distribution installed in a pc. We've
3 different net-cards, each one belonging to a different network.
We want to assign IP-address to each interface by using DHCP-based

According to our scenario (see below), there's a dhcp server
listening in both net 1 and 2 with no trouble. These two client's
interfaces get their IP addresses properly. But the net 3's one
doesn't. As far as we know, the DHCP request is sent just by the
related interface (See 3.6 Section in RFC 2131), so DHCP request
for net 3's interface will be released only through net 3, and
therefore it'll never reach the DHCP server.

________________ _________________________
                | Net 1 | |
Linux-operated |===============| DHCP Client |
    HOST | | | Net 3
                | | RedHat 7.1 |==============> Other places
   (DHCP) | | |
                | Net 2 | |
                |===============| |
________________| |_______________________|

So here I expose my doubts

* Is the behaviour for net 3's interface as described above?

* In case it's (we guess it's), is there any way to make the
redhat 7.1 to send the DHCP frame throught net 1 or 2? I think the
protocol provides this chance, as there's a parameter called
Client Hardware Address that I guess can be different to the one
in the ethernet frame origin address, but I don't have a clue
about the DHCP real implementation in Linux.

Thank you all for the help. I'll welcome any kind of information
about this issue

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