From: Joerg Eggink (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 08:55:03 EST

Sorry for bothering you all again.

I ask yesterday for some help with the dev_ioctl function. Because nobody
answered I send it again with the source code of the function which should
read the name from the wireless device. The function is called from another
module with the device_name eth0.
The problem is that sometimes I get "no wireless extension" but if a packet
arrive (e.g. Router solicitation) I can read the wireless settings.

Is there anything I forgot ?
Do I need locking functions or is it not possible to use the dev_ioctl
function from another kernel module ?

void mho_get_wireless_info(char *dev_name)
        struct iwreq wrq;
        /*set the device name*/
        strncpy(wrq.ifr_name, dev_name, IFNAMSIZ);
        if( dev_ioctl(SIOCGIWNAME, &wrq) < 0)
                printk("MHO: No wireless extension. error = %d\n",err);
                printk("Wireless info: devicename= %s \n",;


Thank you for all help in advance

Joerg Eggink
Network Laboratories Heidelberg NEC Europe Ltd.
Adenauerplatz 6
D-69115 Heidelberg, Germany

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