arpx source code released under GPL

From: Dana Lacoste (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 11:16:52 EST

FINALLY I have permission to make this available :

Note that I'm not the original author, but I am
maintaining it, so please let me know about any
comments, complaints, patches, flames, whatever.

This is an arpd-replacement daemon that runs under
kernel 2.4.9 without any problems. I have successfully
had over 2000 entries in the arp cache (from /proc)
with this daemon running.

I haven't done any work on making it good code or work
properly or making sure that it's working the 'right'
way, but it does work and I haven't had any problems
(yet) so feel free to download it, try it out, and
check back to the web page to see any updates as they
become available.
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