info on libpcap / tcpdump, token ring

From: Phil N (
Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 10:23:43 EST

I was wondering if this might be the proper forum to get assistance with
figuring out why tcpdump is not working as expected on my system. I get
the card in promiscuous mode but tcpdump only sees/reports broadcast
packets or packets destined for the system itself.



System config:

    RH Linux - 2.2.14 kernel (tried 2.2.18 also but can't get mtok to
    compile on that platform yet)
    libpcap-0.7.1 (tried 0.6.2 first, same results)
    tcpdump-3.7.1 (tried 3.6.2 first, same results)
    Madge TR card BM Mk2, mtok.o v2.31

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