Re: info on libpcap / tcpdump, token ring

Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 11:07:06 EST

>I was wondering if this might be the proper forum to get assistance with
>figuring out why tcpdump is not working as expected on my system. I get
>the card in promiscuous mode but tcpdump only sees/reports broadcast
>packets or packets destined for the system itself.

Hmmm, might be something specific to the Madge card itself, I've just
tested it on my IBM PCI (olympic) card and it picks the traffic up fine. I
know the olympic driver does promiscuous mode properly, not sure if the
Madge does.

I see you're using the old 2.31 Madge drivers, have you tried the newer
2.4 drivers ?

Mike Phillips
Linux Token Ring Project

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