Alias eth0:0 in Redhat 7.2

From: Arshad Mahmood (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 10:50:00 EST

Hi everybody,

I am trying to apply alias IP to eth0 on my system having Red Hat 7.2
installed. But it does not accept that alias (eth0:0).

Please note that eth0 is functioning in a proper way. Its IP is

I want to add an alias eth0:0 having IP address of

I do it in the following way

~# neat &

A Network Configuration window opens

Click on devices Tab
Click on eth0
and click copy
Another device having nick "eth0Copy0" was formed.

Now I edit "eth0Copy0"

Apply the IP aaddress to it and in Hardward tab check
"Enable Device Alias Support"

I save all changes. When I quit and restart the network service no eth0:0
appaears on the out put of "ifconfig".

Please help me. It was very simple to add an alias in Redhat 6.2.

But I am unable to to add alias(eth0:0) to eth0 in Redhat 7.2.
Many thanks in advance.


Arshad Mahmood.

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