Unusual routing setup

From: Joerg Pommnitz (pommnitz@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 04:56:58 EST

Hi List,
I want to do something slightly unusual and need a little push in the
right direction. I have a Linux box (2.4.18) with two GPRS devices
attached as ppp0 and ppp1. ppp0 has address A, ppp1 has address B. I want
to route traffic to address B (e.g. ppp1) through interface ppp0, e.g
despite the fact that address B is local I want to sent it through the
external net. My first naive try was to
route add -host "address B" ppp0

This does not do what I want. Traceroute still shows that address B is
just a single hop and 1 ms away.

How can I get Linux to do what I want (e.g. not to optimize the routing).


P.S.: Just in case you are wondering: This is to make some round trip measurements.



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