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Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 05:56:13 EST

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> I want to do something slightly unusual and need a little push in the
> right direction. I have a Linux box (2.4.18) with two GPRS devices
> attached as ppp0 and ppp1. ppp0 has address A, ppp1 has address B. I want
> to route traffic to address B (e.g. ppp1) through interface ppp0, e.g
> despite the fact that address B is local I want to sent it through the
> external net. My first naive try was to
> route add -host "address B" ppp0

Use iproute2 package, thus "ip route" group of command. That will give you
more power to play around if you going for unusual stuffs.

you need to remove that ppp1 address from the "table local" with
"ip route del table local ... ..." options
local "address B" dev ppp0 proto kernel scope host src "address B"

> This does not do what I want. Traceroute still shows that address B is
> just a single hop and 1 ms away.
I don't know how kernel will react to this :-(
> How can I get Linux to do what I want (e.g. not to optimize the routing).
read "Advance routing HOWTO" which explains about iproute2.
-- Sumit

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