arp timeout problem

From: marian stagarescu (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 20:23:34 EST


i have a Linux (2.4.17) router connected to a traffic generator which does not
continuously respond to ARPs from the linux router. The traffic generator
only pumps large amounts of data (raw ip traffic) at a continuous rate. The
generator only
arps before and after the test is done, during the test the generator
does not respond to ARPs.

The Linux router performs ok till about few seconds and then fails very
badly. Upon starting the traffic generator issue an arp request for the linux
box.. I get an arp entry for that in my linux box. After few seconds I get an
incomplete arp entry which does not timeout but after few minutes.

I tried to increase the arp timeout value (altough default 60 sec should be
good enough) to no avail.

I cannot use a static arp entry for project specific reasons.

Any ideas why is there an incomplete arp after only few seconds ?
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