question about the receiving ip path

From: Philippe Veillette (LMC) (
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 09:37:04 EST


With the lsm hook, I have found that each time I receive a packet (a UDP
packet) it's allocating a sk_buff, after, it's cloning it, then it free
it!!!, then i receive the first skbuff and then it's freed. Should i add
that i didn't see the cloned sk_buff.

Ok, i know that there should be something done with the cloned sk_buff,
since if it's not the case, if only slowing the receving side for no good

I would like to know if the cloned sk_buff is really needed, and also what
is the path used, (how to find it, since it's a maze to try to figure out
the receiving path, by looking at place where sk_buff are cloned, since I
don't know the entry function). At least knowing the entry function could
help a lot.

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