Two separate networks with the same IP class.

From: Ignasi Modolell i =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Farr=E9 (
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 02:39:02 EST

Hi all,

     Let me describe a little the situation.

I have a linux machine with three network cards, eth0 connects to an small intranet, eth1 is the external internet access (though a private network, which has another gateway), and the linux acts as a gateway from the intranet to the internet.
The third network card eth2 connects to a closed network which was designed only for an specific purpose, and has only about 15 machines.
The main problem is that the network administrator has changed the IP class of the third network, to make it compatible with the second one, planning to join both in the future (but not today).
The linux machine needs to be connected to the three networks, and my problem is that I don't know how to solve the routing beetween eth1 and eth2, if they have IPs of the same class.
The only advantadge I see is that there are no repeated IPs, so there is no possible conflict if I find a way to tell the kernel where to send a packet based on the destination IP.
I am using debian potato and kernel 2.2.19, ¿is that possible? ¿how can I do it or where can I learn how to do it?

Thanks a lot.



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