How much extra buffer space allocated to sk_buff?

From: Amit Kucheria (
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 17:24:35 EST

Hi all,

I found that sock_alloc_send_skb() allocates a skb data area which is
aligned on a word boundary (in alloc_skb()).

So given a datagram and its outgoing device (thereby hard_header_len),
the maximum wasted space in the skb data should be 15 bytes, right?

But I am seeing more "unused" space in my skb. My skb data area has the
following pointers:

head: fb336000
data: fb33602e
tail: fb33660a
end : fb336620

Therefore, there is 46 bytes of headroom and 22 bytes of tailroom. Could
anybody point out why this would be caused?

Additional info:
1. Kernel 2.2.18
2. Implementing a virtual device which attaches a 16 byte header between
   IP and Ethernet header. Hence, vdev MTU is 1500 - 16 = 1484.
3. vdev then sends the packets over the physical ethernet interface.
4. vdev hard_header_len is set to ETH_HLEN + 16 = 30 bytes
5. In the example above, skb->data points to the virtual header.


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