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From: william fitzgerald (will_m2_fitzgerald@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Sat Jul 20 2002 - 08:40:33 EST

hi all,

i have a printk formating question.

in my /var/log/trace file i have kernel debug messages
being logged there.

it is in the format of: (for example)

 jul 20 13:50 homer kernel: >2 <7> 1 <7> 2
<7>4 and so on.

on the next line i have jul 20 13:50 homer kernel:
>3000 <7> 3500 <7> 2070 <7>2500 and so on.

what i'm printing to this file is an an array of
buffered printk's of trace points in the
kernel that prints a functions id and its time.

 my problem is how do you get rid of the "jul 20 13:50
homer kernel:" part. i need to analysis the file later
on and using the fseek(fp,offset,SEEK_SET)
command i can bypass the first "jul 20 13:50 homer
kernel:" but not the second or third and so on.

 what i do is open the the trace file after i pump
packets trough router (linux) (which triggers
certain net funtions in which contain my function to
buffer up printk's until array is full.)

 next i want to take out all the function id's and
times from the trace file and insert them back into a
new array (in user space, which i have being doing) so
i can calculate what time each function took to work
on an inoming packet.

 i use fseek to bypass the "jul 20 13:50 homer
kernel:" and write the
remainder ">2 <7> 1 <7> 2 <7>4" to a new file.

from here i open this new file and use :

 while ((fscanf(fpnew," %s %d",c,&d))!=EOF){

 b[i]=d; // stores the numbers not the <7>


so my array would be now :
 2 1 2 4 3000 3500 2070 2500
(2,1,2,4 are function id's such as 2 = ip_forward
entry, 1 = ip_forward exit and so on and the rest of
the array is the correspong times)

from here i have no problem working on these results
using stacks etc.

 all this is fine, if i could get my results on one
line in the original trace file but as i found out
this is not the case.

so how can i turn off printing
"jul 20 13:50 homer kernel:" entirely or solve the
repeated "jul 20 13:50 homer kernel:" print outs?

is it to do with the printk.c file or syslog.c or
klog.c files? (i can't find syslog.c or klog.c files,
assumed the existed as something runs syslogd and

many thanks in advance,

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