Re: [PATCH] Link change interrupt support to 8139cp ethernet driver

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Sat Aug 24 2002 - 08:23:32 EST

Felipe W Damasio wrote:
> Hi,
> According to Clifford Chiang <>, the LinkChg
> is used just to inform the driver the link status has changed, the
> changes are automatically set.
> Here's a patch against version 0.2.1.
> Please consider pulling it from:
> Comments?

You need to track link state by calling netif_carrier_on() and
netif_carrier_off(). Initialize it in cp_open, and update it when you
get a link change interrupt.

Also, I would rather you created a short inline function to handle the
link change interrupt, rather than coding it in the main interrupt
function itself.

Finally, don't forget there is a certain amount of "bounce" time during
link change, so you need to test and see that link really is present
when the link change interrupt is handled. You might get a LinkChange
interrupt before autonegotiation is complete. So, at that instant, link
would be down, so you always need to check after autonegotiation is


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