IPV4 and IPV6 tcp_stream comparison

From: Mala Anand (manand@us.ibm.com)
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 16:52:59 EST

I did a comparison test of IPV4 and IPV6 using 2.4.17
kernel for IPV4 and 2.4.17 kernel+USAGI-linux24-s20020415-2.4.17.diff
patch running netperf3, tcp_stream 1 adapter, 2 adapters
test on UNI, SMP kernels using a 2-way machine.
The test setup/results/profile can be found at:


   Mala Anand
   IBM Linux Technology Center - Kernel Performance
   Phone:838-8088; Tie-line:678-8088

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