Request recommendation for CSU/DSU card, etc. for T1

From: George Garvey (
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 19:26:59 EST

   We're about to install a T1 (1.544 Mbps) from SBC in Los Angeles
between two locations for use as a WAN. I'd like the termination on both
ends to be a Linux system.
   One end will route internet packets to the other end, using NAT as is
done now for both internal LANs. The ADSL in one location will be
removed, and only the internet connection in the other location kept,
because there's still excess bandwidth available.
   Any recommendations on hardware that is known to work well with Linux
and SBC (what used to be PacBell)? Unless there's a good reason not to,
I'd like the CSU/DSU to be an internal card.
   Assuming the T1 is kept pretty full, any recommendations on the
slowest x86 system that would keep things moving? We tend to keep
computers that have been replaced by better hardware around for uses
like this.
   This is my first time for this, anything I need to watch out for that
I'm too inexperienced to even guess?
   Thanks in advance for any information.
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